Speedball Art - Factory Tour

Speedball Art - Factory Tour




3D Printed Motorized Turntable (Lazy Susan)

In this project I created a simple 3D printed turntable. Controlled by a microcontroller and motor driver...

Speedball Art Supply - Factory Tour

Special thanks to David, and the kind folks over at Speedball Art for taking time out of their day and giving me a tour of the factory. They manufacture art supplies ranging from pen nibs, to printmaking ink...

Woodblock print for NYC CNC

Follow along as I print a large Woodcut print for John over at NYC CNC..

3D printing a functional Wilton Baby Bullet Vise

I wanted to create a holder for my soldering projects, and I decided to 3D print a vise created from a model that Tom, over at Ox Tools...

LulzBot Mini 3D Printer Unboxing & Review

I've been working a lot with my Kossel Mini 3D printer over the last few months, and I decided it was time to add another machine to the studio...

Assembling the Kossel Mini - 3D Printer

I've been 3D printing since early 2007, but I've never had a printer of my own. I either used one at the college when I had access, or I sent off my design files to companies like Shapeways to create my prints. I decided to fix this and finally get my own printer...